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Entangling Intentionality: Reflections on Torture and Structure 
Ergün Cakal 

Carving the Terrain of Freedom: The Multidimensionality of Youth-Focused Abolition Geography 
Kaitlyn J. Selman

Violent Symbiosis: The History of CCJ’s Role in Legitimizing Racialized Police Violence
Ryan Phillips, Brian Pitman & Stephen T. Young 

“Oscar Did Not Die in Vain”: Revelous Citizen Journalism, Righteous/Riotous Work, and the Gains of the Oscar Grant Moment in Oakland, California 
César “che” Rodríguez

Unraveling the School Punitive Web: The School-to-Prison Pipeline in the Context of the Gendered Shadow Carceral State 
Andrea Román Alfaro & Jerry Flores

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