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Policing the Crisis: Policing in Crisis

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Vol. 38, Nos. 1-2 (2011)

This issue of Social Justice discusses recent policing and security strategies, civil rights, and crime policy within the framework of the current financial and economic crisis.

ISSN: 1043-1578. Published quarterly by Social Justice, P.O. Box 40601, San Francisco, CA 94140.

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Editors: Kendra Briken and Volker Eick

Editors: Introduction: Policing the Crisis—Policing in Crisis

Bernd Belina: Ending Public Space as We Know It

John Krinsky and Maud Simonet: Safeguarding Private Value in Public Spaces: The Neoliberalization of Public Service Work in New York City’s Parks

Jenny Künkel: Community Goes German: The Displacement of the Sex Trade in the Name of a Neoliberal Concept

Marc Schuilenburg: The Securitization of Society: On the Rise of Quasi-Criminal Law and Selective Exclusion

Nik Theodore: Policing Borders: Unauthorized Immigration and the Pernicious Politics of Attrition

John Manzo: On the Practices of Private Security Officers: Canadian Security Officers’ Reflections on Training and Legitimacy

Kendra Briken: Suffering in Public? Doing Security in Times of Crisis

Volker Eick: Germany’s New “Security Architecture”? Long-Term Unemployed and Rent-a-Cops

Massimiliano Mulone: When Private and Public Policing Merge: Thoughts on Commercial Policing

Ben Bowling and James Sheptycki: Policing Globopolis

Loïc Wacquant: The Wedding of Workfare and Prisonfare Revisited