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Latin American Perspectives on Crime and Social Justice

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No. 30 (1987)

This issue focuses on crime and social justice in Latin America. Contributions from and on Central America discuss political issues and propose a relationship between the structuring of the justice system and the prevailing social and political organization. From South America and the Caribbean come historical and present-day perspectives on the foreign debt, U.S. dumping of dangerous chemicals on the environment in its "war on drugs," and the beginnings of a Rusche and Kirchheimer-style history of the development of Colombian punitive systems. Other sections include contributions on Latin American critical criminology, reports of conferences in Latin America, and the moving account of a young woman's survival as a "disappeared" in Argentina. It was written almost exclusively by Latin Americans, it brings the reader a new hemispheric perspective, insight into some countries of Latin America, and new views and information on the role played by the United States in hemispheric affairs.

ISSN: 1043-1578. Published quarterly by Social Justice, P.O. Box 40601, San Francisco, CA 94140.

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Gregory Shank and Suzie Dod

Justice and the Penal System in El Salvador

Atilio Ramirez Amaya, et al.

Aerobiology and the War on Drugs: A Transnational Crime

Rosa del Olmo

The International Crime of Usury: The Third World's Usurious Foreign Debt

Juan Vega Vega

Notes Toward a Historical Understanding of the Colombian Penal System

Jesus Antonio Muñoz Gomez

Inside Nicaragua's Prisons

Benedict Alper

A Critical Analysis of the Panamanian Penal Law

Carmen Antony

Cuban Perspectives on Crime and Criminal Justice

Margarita Viera

Terror in Argentina

Nora Strejilevich

Introduction to Terror in Argentina

Olga Talamante and Gregory Shank

Latin American Critical Criminology Group

Suzie Dod Thomas and Gregory Shank

Report on the First Seminar on Penitentiary Systems of the Americas, September 16-19, 1986, Managua

Gerda Ray

XXXIX International Course in Criminology, Havana, 1987

Anthony M. Platt and Cecilia O'Leary

Report on American Association of Jurists Conference

Camilo Pérez-Bustillo

Review of Lolita Aniyar de Castro

Esther Madriz

Review of Martha Huggins, From Slavery to Vagrancy in Brazil

Susan Caringella-MacDonald

Struggles for Justice: An Overview

Paul Takagi and Anthony M. Platt