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Comparative and Theoretical Issues

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No. 29 (1987)

This issue focuses on comparative and theoretical issues in criminology and builds on efforts to deepen our understanding of conceptions of justice and criminal justice policies in socialist and Third World countries. The United Nations, the International Society of Criminology, and individual scholars urged North American criminology to examine non-Western, noncapitalist models of justice. Scholars in Third World and socialist countries reciprocated in dialogues and debates with criminologists and policymakers from the United States and other core capitalist countries. The issue discusses the work of Hungarian criminologist József Vigh as well as youth crime during Soviet glasnost. In the U.S., the emergence of informal justice systems is analyzed and compared with existing popular judicial systems in socialist countries. Continuities and changes between the Reagan and pre-Reagan eras in selected aspects of the U.S. criminal justice policy are examined, as are theoretical issues, such as critical criminology's relationship to Marxism, the Rusche-Kirchheimer thesis, and the relevance of quantitative theory.

ISSN: 1043-1578. Published quarterly by Social Justice, P.O. Box 40601, San Francisco, CA 94140.

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Overview of "Comparative and Theoretical Issues"


Soviet Youth: A View from the Inside

Dorothy Spektorov McClellan

Reasons for the Low Rate of Crime in the German Democratic Republic

Erich Buchholz

A Critical Examination of the Informalism Experiment in the Administration of Justice

Lance Selva and Robert Bohm

U.S. Criminal Justice in the Reagan Era: An Assessment

Anthony M. Platt

Marxist Theory and Marxist Criminology

Pat O'Malley

The Emergence of the New York State Prison System: A Critique of the Rusche-Kirchheimer Model

Gil Gardner

Quantitative Analysis and Marxist Criminology: Some Old Answers to New Questions

Michael Lynch

The Teaching and Studying of Justice: Fostering the Unspeakable Vision of Cooperation

Dennis Sullivan, Peter Sanzen, and Kathryn Callaghan

Socialist Criminology: A Review of Jozsef Vigh, Causality, Determination and Prognosis in Criminology

Paul Friday

Review of Robert Elias, The Politics of Victimization: Victims, Victimology, and Human Rights

Robert Bohm