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Human Rights and Justice Under Siege

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No. 25 (1986)

This issue features articles on human rights and the United Nations -- the status of women in international law, and the phenomenon of "disappearances" in Latin America -- plus essays on the death penalty and the judiciary, criminal justice under capitalism and socialism, and the debates on community crime control, crime rates, and poverty.

ISSN: 1043-1578. Published quarterly by Social Justice, P.O. Box 40601, San Francisco, CA 94140.

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Gregory Shank and Gerda Ray (eds.)

Dedication to Betty Elder


The State of Terrorism

Gregory Shank, Paul Takagi, and Robert Gould

The Human Rights of Women: Their Status in International Law

Betty Elder

Enforced Disappearances and Corruption in Latin America

Heinz Dieterich

Report on the United Nation's Seventh Congress on Crime and Crime Prevention, Milan 1985

Gregory Colvin

Report on the Combined Latin American Comparative and Critical Criminology Conferences, Managua 1985

Suzie Dod

The Danger of Gallup Poll Justice

Jerome B. Falk, Jr.

Judging the Judges: What Standard Should Voters Use?

Michael S. Wald

Death Penalty Laws and the California Supreme Court: A Ten-Year Perspective

Gerald F. Uelmen

Race and Capital Punishment

Michael Radelet and Margaret Vandiver

Crime and Criminal Justice Under Capitalism and Socialism

John Horton and Anthony M. Platt

New Methods of Involving the Community in Dealing with Delinquent Behavior in Mozambique

Ministry of Justice, Maputo, Mozambique

Community Crime Control Strategies

Peter Iadicola

Crime Rates and Poverty -- A Reexamination

Louis Lieberman and Alexander Smith

Knowledge, Power, and the Process of Justice

Kevin Ryan and Jeff Ferrell

A First Night in El Sing Sing Prison

Piri Thomas

Memories from San Quentin

Luis Talamantez

Is America Ready for the Currie Challenge? A Review of Currie, Confronting Crime: An American Challenge

Gregg Barak

Review of Anand A. Yang (ed.), Crime and Criminality in British India

Dilip K. Das