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State Terrorism in South Africa

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No. 24 (1985)

This issue of Crime and Social Justice addresses the legal implications, both internally and domestically, of the criminal system of apartheid in South Africa. The profound social transformation now taking place there brings with it lessons of incalculable value for the further development of international law and justice on a global scale. The world community of nations-states, through the instrument of the United Nations, declared the practice of apartheid a crime in South Africa's occupation of Namibia illegal. To bring about the thoroughgoing changes in the internal external policies of the South African state, the U.N. proved to be an imperfect instrument, partially because changes of this scope are the result of massive popular initiative, not of legislative decree, but also because the United States consistently undermined the efforts of the world community of nations to effectively restrict the power of the racist regime.

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Anthony M. Platt and Gregory Shank (eds.)

Reagan and State Terrorism in Southern Africa

Rod Bush

Overview of "State Terrorism in South Africa"


Apartheid in South Africa and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Lennox Hinds

Academic Freedom, Censorship, and Repression in South Africa

Jeremy Cronin

Political Trials and the Legal Process in South Africa

Raymond Suttner

The Freedom Charter: The People's Charter in the 1980s

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Global U.S. State Terrorism: An Interview with Noam Chomsky

Heinz Dieterich

Defending Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Against the Reagan Administration Under International Law

Francis Boyle

Faces of Commitment: Poetry from South Africa

Adrienne Rich

Commentary on Dreaming the Blues: Poems from Martin County Prison, by Alex Albricht (ed.)

Piri Thomas

Selected Poems

Luis Talamantez

Welfare: A True Story

Muriel Karr

Thoughts on the Essence of Socialist Criminology

József Vigh

Trends in Black-White Imprisonment: Changing Conceptions of Race or Changing Patterns of Social Control?

Darnell Hawkins

Legal Aid, Reform, and the Welfare State

Laureen Snider

Economic Justice: The Income and Jobs Action Act


Gangs in Capetown: Review of Pinnock, The Brotherhood

Herman Schwendinger

Rape and Inequality: Review of Julia and Herman Schwendinger, Rape Myths and Inequality

Virginia Engquist Grabiner

Academic Freedom and the Pursuit of Knowledge in Nicaragua: Assistance Needed