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International Lawlessness and the Search for Justice

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Nos. 21-22 (1984)

The Reagan administration's systematic violation of the principles of sovereign equality, nonintervention, the independence of states, and the peaceful settlement of international disputes led to this issue's broadening of the definition of crime to include U.S. influence in promoting international violations of the law, Israel's military role in the Third World, terrorism and counterinsurgency in Ireland, business crimes in Holland, apartheid South Africa's system of punishment, and class justice in Canada. This issue also contains provocative articles on alternative forms of justice.

ISSN: 1043-1578. Published quarterly by Social Justice, P.O. Box 40601, San Francisco, CA 94140.

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Editorial: "International Lawlessness and the Search for Justice"

Anthony M. Platt and Gregory Shank

Above the Law: Violations of International Law by the U.S. Government from Truman to Reagan

Jon Frappier

International Lawlessness in the Caribbean Basin

Francis Boyle

State Terrorism on a Global Scale: The Role of Israel

Jan Pieterse

Repression, Insurgency, and Popular Justice: The Irish Case

Ronnie Munck

Organized Resistance, Terrorism, and Criminality in Ireland: The State's Construction of the Control Equation

Mark Findlay

How Marxist Is Nicaragua? A Look at the Laws

Beverly May Carl

Pollution, Press, and the Penal Process: The Case of UNISER in the Netherlands

C.H. Brants and Theo de Roos

Public Policy and the Punishment of Crime in a Divided Society: A Historical Perspective on the South African Penal System

Dirk Van Zyl Smit

Democracy, Class, and Canadian Sentencing Law

Michael Mandel

The Cult of the Informer Revisited: 'Antiterrorism' Policy in the United States

Richard Criley

Criminology in the 1980s: Progressive Alternatives to 'Law and Order'

Tony Platt

Citizen Patrols: Prevention or Control?

Werner Einstadter

Beyond Employment: Toward a Radical Solution to the Crime Problem

Robert Bohm

Community Redress Against the Corporate Offender

Matthew Yeager