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Race, Crime, and Culture

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No. 20 (1983)

This issue includes contributions on racism as a global phenomenon and on racism and crime in Britain, as well as Bernard Headley's critique of the concept of "black-on-black" crime. An analysis of the Anti-Terrorist Act of 1983, as part of the Reagan administration's law-and-order surge, accompanies an article on the "dirty war" waged in Latin America -- Mauricio Schoijet's piece on anti-Semitism as an analog of racism. Also included are two pieces on pedagogy by Heinz Steinert of Austria and a criticism of cultural paradigms in criminological theory, along with articles on right-wing repression. Adopted for classroom use.

ISSN: 1043-1578. Published quarterly by Social Justice, P.O. Box 40601, San Francisco, CA 94140.

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Overview of "Race, Crime, and Culture"

Gregory Shank

Law and Order and the Anti-Terrorist Act of 1983

Kitty Calavita

Under Heavy Manners: A Consideration of Racism, Black Youth Culture, and Crime in Britain

Mike Brake

The Timerman Affair, Argentina, and the United States

Mauricio Schoijet

Racism and Changes in the International Division of Labor

Rod Bush

"Black on Black" Crime: The Myth and the Reality

Bernard Headley

The New Right and Social Justice: Implications for the Prisoners' Movement

James G. Fox

A Modest Proposal for the Fostering of Acquiescence in the Republic, or Frank Wills, and a 'Sensitive Due Regard for Our Betters': Notes on the Language of Equality

Charles J. Helm

The Development of 'Discipline' According to Michel Foucault: Discourse Analysis vs. Social History

Heinz Steinert

Culture as a Metaphysic: An Appraisal of Cultural Models

Byron W. Groves and Charles Corrado

The Production of Crime Policies

David S. Davis

Leonard Peltier's Struggle for Justice

Jim Messerschmidt

Peoples College of Law

Fidel Gomez

People's Lawyer: Review of Arthur Kinoy, Rights on Trial: The Odyssey of a People's Lawyer

Barry Winograd

The Police, State, and Class Relations: Review of Michael Brogden, The Police: Autonomy and Consent

Tony Jefferson

Bridgewater State Hospital: Issues in Penal Reform: Review of Tom Ryan and Bob Casey, Screw: A Guard's View of Bridgewater State Hospital

Werner J. Einstadter

The CIA in Southeast Asia: Review of Ralph W. McGehee, Deadly Deceits: My 25 Years in the CIA

Munyonzwe Hamalengwa

The Origins of State Terrorism: Review of Edward S. Herman, Real Terror Network: Terrorism in Fact and Propaganda

Miles Wolpin

Bibliography on Minorities: Review of Scott Christianson (ed.), Index to Minorities and Criminal Justice

Gregory Shank