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Global Crises, Local Struggles

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Vol. 20, Nos. 3-4 (1993)

This issue opens with four articles that address different dimensions of crises in the global economy. The first locates the "war on drugs" within unequal relations of power in the hemisphere and discusses how the growth of transnational, illegal drug industries are closely linked to recent crises in the world economy, the expanded globalization of capital, and the rise and acceptance of the informal economy as a means of cushioning the effects of the economic crisis. An analysis of the global city examines processes that are provoking great changes in the world economy, including the economic crisis, the technological revolution, and the simultaneous world market transformations that have incorporated the former socialist countries and formed regional blocks around Germany, Japan, and the United States. At opposite poles in this urban landscape are the corporate advanced post-industrial economy, cosmopolitan and global in reach, and the informal economy, associated with the local mechanisms of the immigrant community. The next section on engaging criminal justice contains a modest study on the effect of sporting events -- football games -- on assaults against women, a discussion of efforts to bring multicultural education to police officers, and prison reform in one facility for women located south of Mexico City. Struggles for justice covered include South Africa, Guatemala, and issues relating to Native American prisoners' rights.

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Gregory Shank and Anthony M. Platt (eds.)

Editorial: Global Crisis, Local Struggles

Gregory Shank and Anthony M. Platt

The Geopolitics of Narcotrafficking in Latin America

Rosa del Olmo

Latin America: For a New Insertion in the World Economy

Jaime Osorio

Rebuilding the Global City: Economy, Ethnicity, and Space

Saskia Sassen

A Very Subjective View of 'Operation Wetback'


Engaging the Media: A Case Study of the Politics of the Media and Crime

Janet E. Katz and Garland F. White

Cultural Diversity Training in Criminal Justice: A Progressive or Conservative Reform?

David E. Barlow and Melissa Hickman Barlow

Centro Femenil: A Women's Prison in Mexico

Jennifer Pearson

Community Justice in a Volatile South Africa: Containing Community Conflict, Clermont, Natal

Daniel Nina

Out of the Shadows: The Communities of Population in Resistance in Guatemala

Minor Sinclair (EPICA and CHRLA)

A Political Fugitive: The Case of Little Rock Reed (A Story of Due Process the American Way)

Deborah L. Garlin

How to Overcome Fear and Loathing on the Academic Conference Trail: Practical Tips for Beginners

Anthony M. Platt

The Pittsburgh Snowman (poem)

Heyward Lewis Osteen

The World Politics of Wall Painting

Jeff Ferrell

Doing Criminology Like It Matters: A Review Essay on Jeff Ferrell's Crimes of Style

Mark Hamm

Review of Criminology

Mona Danner