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Latin America Faces the 21st Century

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Vol. 19, No. 4 (1992)

What are Latin America's prospects for the 21st century in the face of rapidly changing international conditions and growing internal social pressures? What are the economic alternatives to neoliberalism at the national and regional levels? What are the prospects for democratization of civil society as well as state institutions? In the face of resurgent U.S. interventionism, what spaces or room for maneuver will be available to locally based social movements? At a time when traditional forms of political organization -- both left and right -- are under severe challenge, what new forms are emerging, and how are they redefining "politics"? Finally, who will be the protagonists of social change in the decades to come? Twelve eminent Latin American scholars and political activists explore their collective future in this unique and timely volume. Though they deal with a wide range of issues, they share a commitment to breaking the neoliberal monopoly and defining a social justice agenda for debates about Latin America's future. Their contributions -- made available here to English-language readers -- illuminate issues that are not only of direct concern to Latin Americanists, but also of considerable relevance to American progressives who are thinking about new alternatives and new agendas for the United States as it emerges from 12 years of Reagan/Bush rule. This is particularly important at a time when changes in the global economy tie the future of the U.S. to that of Latin America -- and by implication, open up new imperatives and new opportunities for increased intellectual exchange between North Americans and Latin Americans.

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Edward J. McCaughan and Susanne Jonas (eds.)

Dedication and Tribute

Susanne Jonas

Introduction to 'Latin America Faces the 21st Century'

Susanne Jonas and Ed McCaughan

Our Project for the New Society in Latin America: The Regulating Role of the State and Problems of Self-Regulation in the Market

Franz J. Hinkelammert

Liberalism, Democracy, and Socialism

Jaime Osorio

The Paths of Latin American Integration

Ruy Mauro Marini

Adjustment and Democracy in Latin America

Lucrecia Lozano

Democracy and Revolutionary Movement

Marta Harnecker

Latin America: Socialist Perspectives in Times of Cholera (Preliminary Notes for a Necessary Debate)

Carlos Vilas

The Continental Development and Trade Initiative

Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas

For an Alternate Social Policy: The Production of Public Services

Asa Cristina Laurell

Redefining Democracy in El Salvador: New Spaces and New Practices for the 1990s

Mario Lungo Uclés

Democracy and Society in Haiti: Structures of Domination and Resistance to Change

Suzy Castor

Uruguay: The Paradoxes and Perplexities of an Uncommon Left

Luis Stolovich

Thinking About Cuba

Pablo Gonzalez Casanova

Together, Forever, Tonight Latinos and Social Revolution in the United States

Luis J. Rodriguez