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No. 18 (1982)

This issue addresses the need to develop more sophisticated and complex theoretical work and to revive a tradition of praxis in criminology. The first section, "Social Justice and Social Policy," discusses progressive alternatives to the Right's law-and-order campaign against the working class, with contributions by two prominent socialist sociologists from England. The rise of the Right in Britain, as exemplified by both Thatcherism and neofascist parties, sparked considerable debate in England about the demise of a social democratic consensus and the rapid successes of the right-wing forces.

The failure of the Left to "take crime seriously" is addressed by intellectuals in the British Left. The backgrounder on "The Repressive Side of Monetarism" provides a framework for understanding the rise of the Right in Britain. The essay on welfare in Britain raises important questions about the Right's successful campaign against welfare in a former bastion of the "welfare state." Authors discuss how the Right also campaigned against rehabilitation and welfare in the U.S., albeit from a different political perspective.

Tony Platt critically assesses the failures and weaknesses of the New Left, and calls for a program of action that links immediate reforms with long-term strategies. Other authors call for economic and social reforms at the local level in the U.S., while a prison activist in Canada discusses the need to increase the level of tactical militancy in the prison movement. Book reviews explore the problems progressive teachers face in the classroom and recommend textbooks useful for combating the ideology of law and order.

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Editorial: Remaking Justice


Introduction: Social Justice and Social Policy


Against Crime and for Socialism

Ian Taylor

Law, Order, and Socialism: A Response to Ian Taylor

Alan Hunt

Fighting the Appeal of Repression

Francis Cullen and John Wozniak

Crime and Community: Strategies for the Left

Joseph Bute, Jr.

Crime and Punishment in the United States: Immediate and Long-Term Reforms From a Marxist Perspective

Tony Platt

Taking Politics Seriously: Thatcherism, Marxism, and Welfare in Britain

John Clarke

Historical Practice and the Production of Marxist Legal Theory

Pat O'Malley

Auto Theft and the Role of Big Business

Harry Brill

Introduction: Pedagogy


The Paradigm Crisis in Delinquency Theory

Herman Schwendinger and Julia Schwendinger

Capitalism, Capital Accumulation, and Crime

Frank Henry

Introduction: State and Right-Wing Repression


The Repressive Side of Monetarism

State Research

Introduction: Struggles for Justice


Remaking Justice and Rehabilitation in Revolutionary Nicaragua

Rosa del Olmo

The Struggle for Prisoners' Rights in Canada

Claire Culhane

Punishment and Corrections

Gregg Barak

A Just Pedagogy for Criminal Justice

David Friedrichs

A Progressive Text for Criminology

Raymond Michalowski

Law and Order for Progressives? An Australian Response

Gill Boehringer, Dave Brown, Brendan Edgeworth, Russell Hogg, Ian Ramsay