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Meeting the Challenge of the 1980s

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No. 17 (1982)

This issue takes up Bertram Gross' challenge for progressive anticrime proposals, coupled with analyses of the political-economic crisis and the rise of the Right. It looks at the challenge to civil liberties, at health care issues for workers, and delinquency. It also stresses the importance of theoretical and methodological pieces, along with an equal emphasis upon praxis and social policy.

ISSN: 1043-1578. Published quarterly by Social Justice, P.O. Box 40601, San Francisco, CA 94140.

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Editorial: Meeting the Challenge of the 1980s

Tony Platt and Paul Takagi

The Political-Economic Crisis and the Shift to the Right

Andre Gunder Frank

Economic Crisis and the Rising Prisoner Population in England and Wales

Steven Box and Chris Hale

Introduction: Pedagogy


Delinquency in School and Society: The Quest for a Theory and Method

Paul Takagi

Introduction: Social Justice and Social Policy


Some Anticrime Proposals for Progressives

Bertram Gross

Your Money and Your Life: Workers' Health in Canada

Charles Reasons, Lois Ross, and Craig Patterson

Capital Punishment Research, Policy, and Ethics: Defining Murder and Placing Murderers

Larry Tifft

Introduction: State and Right-Wing Repression


The International Terrorist Network: A Right-Wing Conception of Academic Criminology

Gregory Shank and Polly Thomas

Civil Liberties Under Attack from the Right

Lorraine Petti

Introduction: Struggles for Justice


Credit to the Parties in Brixton: Malcolm X Day at Attica

Peter Linebaugh

The 'Kiko' Martinez Case: A Sign of Our Times

Elizabeth Martínez

Rothman Revisited

Martin Miller

Tale of Two Mafias

John Galliher