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Feminism and the Social Control of Gender

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Vol. 17, No. 3 (1990)

The topic of this issue is the social control of gender and the reinforcing of traditional gender roles. It discusses the Reagan-era devastation of economic and social programs benefiting women and children, and the right-wing agenda of traditional family values, which resulted in increased attacks on women, minorities, the gay community, and on new and creative visions of human relations. Authors note the imperative of redefining feminism and developing new frameworks for analyzing the status of women. Feminist theory issued a call for new methodologies, new epistemologies, and new models for social change that place women's reality at the center of primary assumptions. These theoretical advances came from women around the world, and articles in this issue, although not a comprehensive survey of theoretical developments, reflect some of this new thinking.

ISSN: 1043-1578. Published quarterly by Social Justice, P.O. Box 40601, San Francisco, CA 94140.

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Suzie Dod Thomas and Nancy Stein (eds.)

Editorial: Feminism and the Social Control of Gender

Suzie Dod Thomas and Nancy Stein

Reflections on Feminist Legal Thought

Kathleen Daly

Researching Victims of Crime: Critical Victimology

Sandra Walklate

The Feminization of Poverty: Myth or Reality?

Martha E. Gimenez

Review Essay: Culture, Feminism and Male Violence

Kathleen J. Ferraro

Gender, Social Justice, and Criminology -- A Review of Growing Up Good: Policing the Behavior of Girls in Europe

John Martin

Feminism and Sexuality: A Review of Towards a Feminist Theory of the State

Marie Andrée Bertrand

The Necessity and Inadequacy of the Reproductive Rights Discourse

Margaret A. Bortner

Criminalizing Pregnancy -- The Downside of a Kinder, Gentler Nation?

Lisa Maher

Fear of Feminism: The Right-Wing and Family Values

Bob Gould

Memory and Politics -- A Reflection on the Handmaid's Tale, by Margaret Atwood

Jane Armbruster

Processes of Victimization and Criminalization of Black Women

Regina Arnold

Native Women in Canada: A Quest for Justice

Karleen Faith, Mary Gottfriedson, Cherry Joe, Wendy Leonard, and Sharon McIvor

Women, Values, and the Law: Women Teaching and Learning about Gender, Ideology, and Law

Cynthia Spence and Mona Phillips

Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality: On Angela Y. Davis' Women, Culture, and Politics

Carolyn Clark

Only Following Orders... Lt. Wm. Calley, Lt. Col. Ollie North and Others: A Review of Crimes of Obedience

Michael Welch