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Racism, Powerlessness, and Justice

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Vol. 16, No. 4 (1989)

This issue critically examines the reasons for the clustering of the poor and powerless -- particularly African Americans and other racially defined minorities -- at the client end of the criminal justice system, both as victims and as perpetrators of street crime, and in the prison inmate population. Also explored is the rise of a permanent nonworking class, structurally and culturally isolated from the American mainstream, that has transformed hustling and informal economic activity, including drug trafficking and assorted illegal activities, into often greedy, reactionary, and violent enterprises. The methods and goals of the criminal justice apparatus in containing and regulating the nonworking class are examined and alternate programs and policies are proposed.

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Bernard D. Headley (ed.)

Preface: Special Issue on "Racism, Powerlessness, and Justice"


Introduction: Crime, Justice, and Powerless Racial Groups

Bernard D. Headley

Tribute to Ken Pryce

Rhoda Reddock

The Black Underclass Ideology

Leslie Inniss

Race, Ethnicity, and the Spatial Dynamic: Toward a Realistic Study of 'Black Crime,' Crime Victimization, and Criminal Justice Processing of Blacks

Daniel E. Georges-Abeyie

Killings That Became "Tragedy": A Different View of What Happened in Atlanta, Georgia

Bernard D. Headley

Black-White Imprisonment Rates: A State-by-State Analysis

Darnell F. Hawkins

Minority and Female: A Criminal Justice Double Bind

Coramae Richey Mann

Drug Trafficking in World Capitalism: A Perspective on Jamaican Posses in the U.S.

Faye Harrison

Southern-Style Punitive Repression: Ethnic Stratification, Economic Inequality, and Imprisonment in Territorial Arizona

Paul Knepper

The Execution of Mexican American Prisoners in the Southwest

Adalberto Aguirre, Jr.

Who Is the Terrorist? The Making of a Puerto Rican Freedom Fighter

Oscar López-Rivera (with Bernard Headley)

Histories of the 'Sixties': A Certain Absence of Color

Elizabeth Martínez

E. Franklin Frazier Reconsidered

Anthony M. Platt

Summer Memories: Revisited

Jerome Washington

Review of People and Folks

Gwendolyn D. Carter

Racial Inequality and the Poor: A Critique of The Truly Disadvantaged

Gerald G. Bennett