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Human Rights and Peoples' Rights: Views from North and South

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Vol. 16, No. 1 (1989)

In this issue of Social Justice, leading intellectuals and activists from the U.S., Europe, Latin America, and Asia explore the ideological and practical evolution of individual human rights in relationship to the collective rights of peoples and other key issues. Among the contributors are Richard Falk, respected authority on U.S. foreign policy and international law; Uruguayan historian and writer Eduardo Galeano; Pablo González Casanova, one of Latin America's most eminent sociologists; Louis Joinet, French judge and former adviser to Prime Minister Mauroy; Japanese antimilitarism activist Oda Makoto; Italian magistrate Salvatore Senese; and Theo van Boven, former director of the U.N. Human Rights Division in Geneva.

ISSN: 1043-1578. Published quarterly by Social Justice, P.O. Box 40601, San Francisco, CA 94140.

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Ed McCaughan and Bill Felice (eds.)

Introduction to "Human Rights and Peoples' Rights"

Ed McCaughan

In Memory of Sean McBride: The Man Who Smelled a Rat

Alexander Cockburn

Can Human Rights Have a Separate Existence from Peoples' Rights?

Theo Van Boven

External and Internal Self-Determination

Salvatore Senese

Universal Dimensions of Humanitarian Law in Armed Conflicts: A Plan of Action for NGOs

Louis Joinet

Rights in Theory and Practice: An Historical Perspective

Bill Felice

United States Foreign Policy as an Obstacle to the Rights of Peoples

Richard Falk

The Hypocrisy and Racism Behind the Formulation of U.S. Human Rights Foreign Policy: In Honor of Clyde Ferguson

Francis Boyle

The People Versus War

Luciana Castellina

Italy's Ethnic Minorities and the Contradictions of Self-Determination

Sandro Canestrini

Sovereignty and Domination in Asia and the Pacific

Oda Makoto

Liberation Struggles in Latin America

Pablo Gonzalez Casanova

Democracy in Latin America: Best Is That Which Best Creates

Eduardo Galeano

Perspectives of the International League for the Rights and Liberation of Peoples

Piero Basso

A Call to Justice: A People's Tribunal on Human Rights in the United States

Greg Tewksbury

About the Coalition of NGOs Concerned with Impunity for Violators of Human Rights

Coalition of NGOs

Freedom Now Campaign for Amnesty and Human Rights for Political Prisoners

Campaign for Amnesty and Human Rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 40

Rita Maran

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

United Nations

Introduction to the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Peoples

Antoine Tritsis

Universal Declaration of the Rights of People

International League for the Rights and Liberation of Peoples