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Biosocial Criminology

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No. 11 (1979)

This issue of Crime and Social Justice includes a critique of biosocial criminology by Platt and Takagi, Stephen Pfohl's empirical study of violence and social control, and two pieces on government funding of criminological research.

ISSN: 1043-1578. Published quarterly by Social Justice, P.O. Box 40601, San Francisco, CA 94140.

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Biosocial Criminology: A Critique

Tony Platt and Paul Takagi

Miners, Tailors, and Teamsters: Business Racketeering and Trade Unions

Alan A. Block and William J. Chambliss

Deciding on Dangerousness: Predictions of Violence as Social Control

Stephen J. Pfohl

Government Research Funding and Purchased Virtue: Some Examples from Criminology

John F. Galliher

LEAA's Research Solicitation: Police Use of Deadly Force

Paul Takagi

Michael Ignatieff, A Just Measure of Pain

Gregory Shank

Andrew Scull, Decarceration

Richard Speiglman

Latin American Radical Criminology

Argenis Riera