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Intellectuals for Law and Order: A Critique of the New 'Realists'

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No. 8 (1977)

This issue of Crime and Social Justice levels a critique of the right-wing trend in the field of criminology that justified the expansions of the criminal justice apparatus. Jankovic's article on the labor market and imprisonment was an important contribution to the literature. The piece on the management of police killings follows up on Takagi's seminal work that appeared in the first issue of the journal. Finally, several articles on Northern Ireland dissect the civil war there.

ISSN: 1043-1578. Published quarterly by Social Justice, P.O. Box 40601, San Francisco, CA 94140.

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Intellectuals for Law and Order: A Critique of the New "Realists"

Tony Platt and Paul Takagi

Labor Market and Imprisonment

Ivan Jankovic

Imperialism, Class and Northern Ireland's Civil War

Alfred McClung Lee

The Subjugation and Division of Ireland: Testing Ground for Colonial Policy

Conn Malachi Hallinan

Criminology and Neocolonialism: The Case of Papua New Guinea

Gill H. Boehringer and Donna Giles

A Further Look at Police Militancy and Collective Bargaining

Paul E. Lawson

A Reply to Paul Lawson

Gerda Ray

Review of Adler, Sisters in Crime

Anne K. Peters

Review of Schlossman, Love and the American Delinquent

Tony Platt

Review of Ringenbach, Tramps and Reformers, 1873-1916

Mike Davis

A Critique of Textbooks on Deviancy

Arturo Biblarz