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The Third Edition

Out of print.

No. 3 (1975)

This issue of Crime and Social Justice was released at a time of widespread protests against the war in Vietnam and Cambodia and pointed to the criminal character of this example of American foreign policy. Those protests and the resistance to this U.S. war spread to an involvement in and support for other struggles for freedom and justice, both at home and abroad, such as struggles against racism, against political repression, struggles against sexism, and countless others. This issue discusses the extension of structures of violence to Latin America and the Philippines. Also included are important articles on the role of public defenders and health hazards in the workplace.

ISSN: 1043-1578. Published quarterly by Social Justice, P.O. Box 40601, San Francisco, CA 94140.

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An Editorial Note


In Defense of the Rich: The Emergence of the Public Defender

Gregory Barak

Silent Killers at Work

Joel Swartz

Limitations for the Prevention of Violence: The Latin American Reality and Its Criminological Theory

Rosa del Olmo

Interview with Angela Davis

Michael Hannigan and Tony Platt

The Case of the Charlotte Three

Ramond J. Michalowski

The Case of Joanne Little



Joanne Little

Prisoners Against Rape

Prisoners Against Rape


Prisoners Against Rape

The Struggle Against Martial Law in the Philippines

Ang Kaputinan

Proceeding: Meeting of Radical Criminologists

John Baumann

American Justice and La Raza Communities (Course Outline and Bibliography)

Velia Garcia-Hancock

Current Controversies in Marxist Social Science (Course Outline and Bibliography)

Erik Wright

Forming Collectives: Writing as Political Practice

June Kress

Dialectics of Guerrilla Theater: An Approach to Radical Education

James Brady

Review of: Platt and Cooper, Policing America, and Skolnick and Gray, Police in America

Larry Trujillo

Review of Mathiesen, The Politics of Abolition

Annika Snare

Review of Reasons (ed.), The Criminologist: Crime and the Criminal, and Quinney (ed.), Criminal Justice in America: A Critical Understanding

Drew Humphries

Review of: Women Endorsing Decriminalization, Prostitution, A Non-Victim Crime?

Suzie Dod