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The Second Edition on Radical Criminology

Out of print.

No. 2 (Summer 1974)

This issue of Crime and Social Justice includes articles on Cuba, Vietnam, India, and on European criminology. Recognizing that the U.S. government has developed and legitimized criminal justice systems around the world in Brazil, South Vietnam, South Korea, Israel, Iran, and Ethiopia, the issue shows that to treat criminology as only a domestic issue is to restrict our understanding of repression and resistance. It points to the need to analyze the international implications of the U.S. criminal justice system because struggles here are deeply affected by those throughout the world. Breaking through the insularity of mainstream criminology is needed to transform a system that is itself criminal. The Pedagogy section promotes a radical theory and practice of education, though radical course content alone does not eliminate the repressive relationships of traditional classroom settings.

ISSN: 1043-1578. Published quarterly by Social Justice, P.O. Box 40601, San Francisco, CA 94140.

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A Note to Our Readers


Political Repression, Political Prisoners: Fighting the Class War in India


New Laws for a New Society

Robert Cantor

Criminology as Police Science or: 'How Old Is the New Criminology?'

Falco Werkentin, Michael Hofferbert, and Michael Baurmann

Criminology at Berkeley: Resisting Academic Repression, Part II

Michael Hannigan and Richard Schauffler

With Survivors from Saigon Jails

Nguyen Khac Vien

Poems and Writings

Norma Stafford

Santa Cruz Women's Prison Project


Resisting the Police-Industrial Complex in Santa Cruz

Joe Luttner, Peter Miller, and Sharman Murphy

Justice for Tyrone Guyton

Dan Siegel

San Quentin on Trial

Mark Schwartz


Luis Talamantez

Movement Connections


Towards a Marxist Theory and Practice of Teaching

Bruce Rappaport

The Correctional System (Course Outline and Bibliography)

Paul Takagi

Prostitution in America (Course Outline and Bibliography)

Mimi Goldman

History of the U.S. Left in the 20th Century (Course Outline and Bibliography)

Peter Shapiro

Political Films


Review of Taylor, Walton, and Young, The New Criminology

Elliott Currie

Review of DeCrow, Sexist Justice

Dorie Klein

A Comment on the History of Socialist Criminology: Response to David Greenberg's Review

Mary Marzotto

Reply to Mary Marzotto's Comments

David Greenberg