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The Inaugural Issue of Crime and Social Justice:
A Journal of Radical Criminology

Out of print.

No. 1 (1974)

This first issue of Crime and Social Justice offered insights, materials, proposals, and programs for struggling against crime and repression, with the aim of giving voice to a radical criminology. The remarkable emergence of left-oriented schools of thought briefly overcame the continuing repression of radical scholars. The premier issue reflects the social protest by women, people of color, the poor, students, and many others, and sets the task of researching and writing about abortion laws, sexism, and the institutional practices for dealing with victims of rape, as well as the export of counterinsurgent police technologies, and the development of new technologies for the control of prisoners and parolees.

ISSN: 1043-1578. Published quarterly by Social Justice, P.O. Box 40601, San Francisco, CA 94140.

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Herman Schwendinger

Prospects for a Radical Criminology in the United States

Anthony M. Platt

Report of the Conference of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control

Drew Humphries

Rape Myths: In Legal, Theoretical, and Everyday Practice

Julia R. Schwendinger and Herman Schwendinger

A Garrison State in a "Democratic" Society

Paul Takagi

Sister (poem)

Attica Brother

Introduction: Praxis

Tony Platt

Conditions (poem)

Luis Talamantez

A Citizens' Peace Force

Huey P. Newton

Interview with Jim Larson, President of the National Lawyers' Guild

Steve Wasserman

The Prison Movement in Scandinavia

Thomas Mathiesen


Erika Huggins

How I Would Manage the Prison

Eugene V. Debs

Movement Connections


Criminology and Education

Mary Marzotto

Criminology at Berkeley: Resisting Academic Repression

Richard Schauffler

Burning in Hell (poem)

Attica Brother

Teaching Criminology: Always on the Right Side of the Bars (Montreal)


Teaching Radical Criminology (Course Outline and Bibliography)

Barry Krisberg

National Policies in Criminal Justice: The Nixon Years and the Future (Course Outline and Bibliography)

Lynn Cooper and Richard Speiglman

Revolutionary Justice in Cuba and China (Course Outline and Bibliography)

James Brady


Larry Justice

Alternative Educational Institutions: People's Law School and Liberation School


Review of Quinney, Critique of Legal Order

Elliott Currie

Review of Darrow, Resist Not Evil and Crime, Its Causes and Treatment, and Debs, Walls and Bars

David Greenberg