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Susan A. Phillips

     Posted on: July 25, 2017

Rewriting Torture: Manufacturing a Primer of Abuse in US Domestic Prisons  A college-level critical pedagogy project confirms that human rights reporting can play a role in prison abolition as opposed to reform. By writing an altered version of the ICRC torture papers, students compared US prison torture in domestic and military ...

Outsourcing the Refugee “Crisis”

     Posted on: August 3, 2017

by Julia Morris* Nauru, the world’s smallest island state, located in the Equatorial Pacific, has again catapulted onto the international trading scene. US officials have almost completed their vetting of up to 1,250 refugees, a deal brokered between President Obama’s administration and the Australian Turnbull Liberal Coalition. Under the deal—a “dumb ...

On the Brink of an Authoritarian Turn: The Catalan Uprising

     Posted on: November 15, 2017

by José A. Brandariz, Manuel Maroto, and Cristina Fernández-Bessa* Spanish conservatives have not ever been interested in winning over their political contenders, they are just interested in defeating them. Guillem Martínez, journalist and writer The resurgence of the Catalan independentist movement, recently culminated in a successful referendum for independence and its subsequent overturn by the ...

#MeToo, Rape Culture and the Paradoxes of Social Media Campaigns

     Posted on: December 4, 2017

by Bianca Fileborn & Rachel Loney-Howes* The allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault perpetrated by Harvey Weinstein led to a powerful and widespread social media campaign, with Twitter and Facebook feeds flooded with the hashtag #MeToo. Within 24 hours, at least 4.7 million people made over 12 million posts. Individuals ...

Queerly Tèhuäntin | Cuir Us

     Posted on: January 11, 2018

by Edward J. McCaughan & Ani Rivera*  If going home is denied me then I will have to stand and claim my space, making a new culture—una cultura mestiza—with my own lumber, my own bricks and mortar and my own feminist architecture.—Gloria Anzaldúa, Borderlands/La Frontera The queer aesthetic frequently contains blueprints and schemata ...

Hurricane Maria: Puerto Rico’s Unnatural Disaster

     Posted on: January 22, 2018

by Hilda Lloréns, Ruth Santiago, Carlos G. Garcia-Quijano, and Catalina M. de Onís* Hurricanes are thought of as “natural” disasters, but the social and environmental devastation wrought upon Puerto Rico by Hurricane María last September is really an unnatural disaster resulting from a long history of colonial subjugation, economic hardship, environmental injustice, infrastructural neglect, and, at the local ...

Abolish the Israeli Juvenile Military Court

     Posted on: January 31, 2018

by Smadar Ben-Natan* The Israeli public was outraged in December when a video of Ahed Tamimi, a 16-year-old Palestinian girl from Nebi Salah in the occupied West Bank, went viral. The video documents her and her cousin, Nour Tamimi, slapping and kicking Israeli soldiers out of their house. The soldiers' justified ...

Silenced Press: The State of Democracy in Mexico

     Posted on: February 26, 2018

by Antonio Martínez Velázquez* In 1906 Ricardo Flores Magón, an intellectual who fought for freedom and equality during the Mexican Revolution, criticized the “venality and aggressive cynicism” of a press that was “praising the clumsiness and wrongdoings of the government […] covering up crimes, threatening virtues, spreading evil and barbarism.” Today, ...

“Millions and Millions of Lulas”: A Post from Brazil

     Posted on: April 17, 2018

by Clifford Welch* Thirty-eight years ago, in April, 1980 Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva went to jail for the first time. On April 7, 2018, the former president of Brazil, one of the most beloved politicians in the world, went to jail for the second time. Both times the metalworkers union ...

Asafa Jalata

     Posted on: October 17, 2018

The Oromo Movement: The Effects of State Terrorism and Globalization in Oromia and Ethiopia  This essay critically explores the dialectical relationships between the Oromo national movement and the consequences of state terrorism and globalization in Oromia and Ethiopia. On one side, the Oromo people are struggling to empower themselves and gain ...

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