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The Gift of Food and Friendship (Dispatch from Argentina #4)

     Posted on: December 2, 2013

by Laurie Coyle* * This is the fourth in a series of dispatches by filmmaker Laurie Coyle and Chicana activist and former political prisoner Olga Talamante documenting their current trip to Argentina. Click on the “Previous” button at the top of the page to read the previous dispatches and learn more about ...

Julia Rothenberg and Andreas Heinz

     Posted on: December 10, 2013

Meddling with Monkey Metaphors -- Capitalism and the Threat of Impulsive Desires This essay should help progressives assess the social implications of the Pandora's box opened by genetic engineering, by the capability to create "designer babies" via genetic screening of the human embryo before implantation. Preventing certain cancers in vitro has ...

Matthew Knoester

     Posted on: December 10, 2013

War in Colombia Matthew Knoester's essay examines the "war on drugs" in Colombia, arguably the most violent country in the hemisphere. Americans know that the U.S. government and press targeted Colombia's outgoing president, Ernesto Samper, for accepting drug money in his campaign. Despite the $600 million granted by the United States ...

Veronica Vélez, Lindsay Perez Huber, Corina Benavides Lopez, Ariana de la Luz, and Daniel Solórzano

     Posted on: September 16, 2013

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Howard Zinn

     Posted on: December 10, 2013

Saving Private Ryan Howard Zinn's anti-militarist perspective is a much needed corrective to the uncritical acclaim that has greeted Saving Private Ryan. In that movie, there is never any doubt that the cause is just. Vietnam led large numbers of Americans to question the enterprise of war itself. Now Saving Private ...

Michael Huspek, Roberto Martinez, and Leticia Jimenez

     Posted on: December 10, 2013

Violations of Human and Civil Rights on the U.S.-Mexico Border, 1995–1997: A Report Michael Huspek, Roberto Martinez, and Leticia Jimenez report on American Friends Service Committee investigations of violations of human and civil rights on the U.S.-Mexico border. The report chillingly chronicles the use and abuse of the law by various ...

Paolo Gerbaudo

     Posted on: September 14, 2013

The Impermanent Revolution: The Organizational Fragility of the Egyptian Prodemocracy Movement in the Troubled TransitionThis article analyses the process of organizational transformation of the revolutionary movement in Egypt during the transitional phase. It covers the period between the fall of Hosni Mubarak in February 2011 and the first months of ...

Josh R. Klein

     Posted on: September 14, 2013

Toward a Cultural Criminology of WarWe can improve criminological understanding of aggressive war by examining its cultural aspects. Criminological and other traditions help us to see how elite legitimation of criminal military policies involves the ideological "enlistment" of part of the public. After briefly discussing war-promoting political-economic and institutional forces, ...

Michael Krause

     Posted on: September 14, 2013

Involving the Community in Youth Justice: "Naming and Shaming" and the Role of Local Citizen Courts in Britain and in the Former GDRSince the early 2000s, local authorities and police in Britain have had the right to "name and shame" children and young people as young as 10 years of ...

Rachel Lewis

     Posted on: September 15, 2013

Lesbians under Surveillance: Same-Sex Immigration Reform, Gay Rights, and the Problem of Queer LiberalismAlthough nineteen countries currently allow lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender citizens to sponsor their partners for the purposes of immigration, the United States is not one of them. In this article, the author aim to build on ...

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