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Raymond Michalowski

     Posted on: September 17, 2013

Border Militarization and Migrant Suffering: A Case of Transnational Social Injury Using observant-participation with humanitarian and social action organizations in the U.S. Border Patrol Tucson Sector, the article explores the human rights and socio-legal implications of immigration and border enforcement policies that, through commission and omission, result in preventable suffering and ...

Dave Whyte

     Posted on: September 17, 2013

Hire an American! Economic Tyranny and Corruption in Iraq This article explores the significance of an emerging global anti-corruption industry to the hegemonic ordering of the global economy. To illustrate the centrality of anti-corruption strategies to the emerging global economic order, this article develops a case study of counter-corruption rhetoric and ...

Mark Ungar

     Posted on: September 17, 2013

The Privatization of Citizen Security in Latin America: From Elite Guards to Neighborhood Vigilantes Record crime amid political democratization and economic neoliberalism has spurred an astronomical growth in private security throughout the world. After documenting the increase in private firms and discussing its causes in Latin America, the article shows the ...

Sue Trevaskes

     Posted on: September 17, 2013

The Private/Public Security Nexus in China This article explores the relationship between private and public security in the People's Republic of China (PRC). The system of private security provision is run by China's public security bureaus in county, city, and provincial jurisdictions. Private security in China, which began a contemporary life ...

Greg McElligott

     Posted on: September 17, 2013

Bearing the Neoconservative Burden? Frontline Work in Prisons Pursuing a topic raised by Geoff Ward in Social Justice 31:1-2, and using illustrations from Canada's first privately run adult prison, this article examines work in the burgeoning prison-industrial complex. It argues that (1) corrections officers are best seen as frontline workers, facing ...

Ute Lehrer and Andrea Winkler

     Posted on: September 17, 2013

Public or Private? The Pope Squat and Housing Struggles in Toronto When in the summer of 2002 the world's media attention was on Toronto due to the Pope's visit, the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) used this moment to draw attention to their fight against poverty and homelessness in Canada's largest ...

Chris Cunneen

     Posted on: September 17, 2013

Aboriginal Deaths in Custody: A Continuing Systematic Abuse This article demonstrates that the hundreds of recommendations from the 1991 Australian Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody have been ignored and thus failed to halt Aboriginal deaths in custody. The article examines five recent indigenous deaths in custody, demonstrating that the ...

Bernard Headley

     Posted on: September 17, 2013

Giving Critical Context to the Deportee Phenomenon Public opinion in the Caribbean has in recent years linked the region's soaring crime problem to waves of former emigrants being forcibly returned home from countries of the North--mainly Britain, Canada, and the United States. Select findings from a study of deportations to Jamaica ...

Todd Gordon

     Posted on: September 17, 2013

Neoliberalism, Racism, and the War on Drugs in Canada This article offers an antiracist class analysis of the contemporary war on drugs in Canada. It situates this war within the state’s historic role of imposing bourgeois order and discipline in immigrant communities. In the eyes of the state, drugs associated with ...

Emerging Imaginaries of Regulation, Control, and Repression, Vol. 32: 1, 2005

     Posted on: September 18, 2013

Ronnie Lippens and Tony Kearon, eds. In an age of transition, such as ours, the role of the imaginary in the production and reproduction of social order is becoming ever more important. In his The Time of the Tribes, the French sociologist Michel Maffesoli "the imaginary is increasingly granted a role ...

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