Marcus Mahmood


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Collateral Consequences of the Prison-Industrial Complex

This essay is a commentary on Sudbury’s analysis of the links between mass incarceration, global capitalism, and U.S. militarism. To complement Sudbury’s argument, Mahmood suggests a closer examination of the profoundly destructive latent consequences of mass incarceration to society as a whole. It is necessary to examine the empirical links between the prison-industrial complex and the long-lasting damage to families and communities on the outside, many of which are already on the fault-lines of poverty and social disorganization. The latent consequences of ever-expanding mass incarceration policies and practices on those left behind are particularly hard felt by women and children of color in tangible ways that include lost income and child care, disrupted family relationships, and increased social isolation.

prison-industrial complex, poverty, community and social disorganization

Citation: Social Justice Vol. 31, Nos. 1-2 (2004): 31-34