Conflicts within the Crisis, Vol. 39:1, 2011

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Nicola Montagna and Sue Mew, eds.

This issue of Social Justice investigates some of the most significant cycles of protest that have occurred across the globe since the current financial, economic, and political crisis started in 2007. It covers four Eurozone countries, Greece, Italy, Spain, and the UK, and one Mediterranean country involved in the Arab Spring, Egypt. The financial crisis has resulted in economic collapse (Greece, Spain, and Italy, to mention a few), a crisis of political legitimacy (Egypt and Italy, for example), and has been used as an excuse for further neoliberal restructuring of the welfare system (e.g., in the UK, Greece, and Italy). Contributors offer a historical framework for these events, which are unfolding daily, and discuss the liberatory and social justice strategies of political movements–from Occupy to the Indignados and Egyptian soccer Ultras. Also discussed are changing police tactics in the face of mounting mass protest.

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Nicola Montagna and Sue Mew, Editors’ Introduction–Conflicts within the Crisis [Free Download]

Paolo Gerbaudo, The Impermanent Revolution: The Organizational Fragility of the Egyptian Prodemocracy Movement in the Troubled Transition

Dimitris Dalakoglou, The Crisis before ‘The Crisis': Violence and Neoliberalization in Athens

Nicola Montagna, Labor, Citizenship, and Subjectivity: Migrants’ Struggles within the Italian Crisis

Universidad Nomada, For a Democratic Revolution: Notes from the Universidad Nomada

Gareth Brown, Emma Dowling, David Harvie, and Keir Milburn, Careless Talk: Social Reproduction and Fault Lines of the Crisis in the United Kingdom

Sue Mew, Contentious Politics: Financial Crisis, Political-Economic Conflict, and Collective Struggles–A Commentary

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